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Transforming After Sales Service with QR Codes

Aermec North America continues to transform the HVAC industry and after sales service! Since 2019, all Aermec 60Hz chillers / heat pumps for North America have a QR code printed on the nameplate. The purpose of this is to streamline after service procedures. When scanned, the code gives access to different content based on the password entered.

Scenario 1
If a user is on site, scans the QR code on the nameplate, and enters the public password they will be able to access public documents such as standard documentation that is available online (ex. data sheets). The public password will appear on the screen after the QR code is scanned. Anyone with a smartphone can scan the code, enter the public password, and access the standard documentation.

Scenario 2
If a Certified Technician is on site, scans the QR code, and enters their user specific password then they will be able to access documentation on unit(s) they have been trained on. All Aermec trained technicians have a personal password that is unique to them. Their user specific password will allow them to have access to after sales manuals that will help program the units on startup. This will assist them when working on or installing new units as all of the required documentation is accessible at their fingertips.

Since we have implemented this QR code initiative, we have received extremely positive feedback from technicians on site. There are no longer missing documents with on site as hard copy manuals seem to get misplaced. All of the required documentation is accessible just by scanning the code. This initiative has completely streamlined after sales service procedures.

For Technicians looking to get a user specific password for the QR code, all they need to do is attend a training administered by the Aermec Technical Team. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these trainings will be hosted virtually. If you are a large mechanical contracting company that would like multiple Technicians trained, we also offer dedicated trainings for companies with large groups. To check availability of the training or to book your training please email our Technical Department at service@aermec.us.

In any case, if you are not on the job site and would like to access to our manuals, AutoCad, or Revit files you can find them at aermec.us. If you are looking for anything specific please feel free to reach out to your local Aermec Representative or email our Help Desk at help@aermec.us where a member of the Aermec Sales Team will be able to assist you.

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