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Revolutionary Radiant Cooling with Kilma Belt

About Kilma Belt
Kilma Belt is a revolutionary new system that provides radiant cooling and heating without the need for special humidity controls. Kilma Belt technology allows the use of any temperature chilled water from 45°F to 64°F without creating humidity concerns in the space. Kilma Belt dehumidifies and cools the space by providing a practical condensate removal system rather than relying on controls and dehumidifiers to control the humidity.

The Kilma Belt system is a simple system in both design and installation which permits the most comfortable room conditions available today. Kilma Belt's patented technology also provides great energy savings along with individual zoned temperature control, each zone may be a different temperature based on the user’s preference.

Residential and Commercial Applications with Kilma Belt
Some radiant manufacturers mention that radiant cooling is only for commercial applications as the requirement for humidity monitoring and controlling does not allow the ability to open windows or leave doors ajar, as humid air will enter the space. With the Kilma Belt system, this is not a problem and thus it is the perfect system for both residential and commercial applications. The Kilma Belt system also allows for HRV and ERV units to be operated, providing fresh air all the time, without worrying about condensation as other systems must.

The Kilma Belt System has two installation options based on the design of the space it will be installed in. If the space has a high ceiling, a dropped ceiling or a coffered ceiling the system may be installed above the ceiling and remain out of site. If the ceiling is lower or finished the Kilma Belt system may be installed just below the ceiling with a covering system that is painted to match the walls. The system requires a drain every 26 feet or 8 meters in order to remove the condensation. The Kilma Belt emitters will provide up to 115 Btus per linear foot allowing 2300 Btus in a 2300 foot run while providing perfect humidity control between 45% and 55%. The humidity level can be adjusted by changing the water temperature in the system.

The energy savings provide by the Kilma Belt may be as high as 50% over traditional systems and provide better comfort as there is no noise and no air being blown around the space. The temperature of the cooling water is also modulated up and down based on ambient conditions in order to provide the most efficient system available.

How Does Radiant Cooling Work?
Just like radiant heating, the transfer occurs between the emitter and the space through a Delta T (ΔT) or temperature difference. However, the colder radiant absorbs the thermal energy or heat from people, appliances, and surroundings. The difference between traditional ducted cooling and radiant cooling is the way the heat is removed. Ducted cooling uses convection cooling only whereas radiant cooling uses both radiation and convection. Thus, heat is being transferred from the space to the radiant cooling panels and removing the heat to the outdoors.

What About Condensation?
Condensation with most radiant cooling systems require special controls and dehumidification units in order to ensure the humidity is kept under control to avoid sweating and damage. To prevent condensation, a sensor monitoring the dew point is used in conjunction which modulates the water to ensure there is no condensation. If the condensation level becomes too high a dehumidification system is started and the cooling system is shut off until the humidity is under control.

The Kilma Belt system has a built in condensation removal system which eliminates the need for controls or dehumidifiers. The unique condensation system allows for lower water temperatures providing 100% humidity control as well as more Btus when required. The system may operate with water as cold as 46°F but also as high as 62°F on cooler days where not much cooling is required. This system is much more effective as it provides peace of mind and incredible comfort levels.

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