Remote Startups with Aermec

Due to the global COVD-19 pandemic, the Aermec Team has altered how we provide technical support to our customers. We are now using virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime to facilitate startups in the field instead of having the Aermec Technical team physically visit a job site. Moving to remote startups has many advantages overall including increased communication across time zones, reduced travel time or costs, facilitates interaction, allows documentation to be shared easily, etc. 

The remote startup process has four simple steps:
  1. Initial assessment of HVAC system design and approval of prerequisites such as water volume, glycol percentage etc.
  2. Required forms are filled out and submitted online at the proper time
  3. A startup date is scheduled with an Aermec Technician
  4. Virtual / remote start up with Aermec North America Technician

The goal of virtual startups is to verify proper installation, set-up, and operation of Aermec units as per building demand in an energy efficient manner. This process is in collaboration with our area Aermec Representatives and their local refrigeration company.

With the support from an on-site technician the visuals of the unit, electrical, controls, and the hydronic system can be seen remotely. For instance, we were to find issues on a job site while on a Zoom meeting. The virtual meeting eliminated the limitation of not being physically present on the site during the pandemic. Once such problems were solved the regular startup procedure was successfully completed along with training the technician to become familiar with the unit. This procedure makes the startup process more convenient for all parties involved.

If it is needed, this procedure can be implemented to troubleshoot previously installed Chillers, Heat pumps, and Fan coils. For instance, we have identified refrigerant leak on an ANK unit by visual cue of the patterns of ice formation on the condenser coil while on a FaceTime call and we believe the solution was provided quickly with the help of virtual call.

We have adapted to this shift in virtual communication by providing virtual start ups and technical support. The transition to virtual startups has been very successful for both the Aermec Technical Support department and local contractors on site. 

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