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Remote Monitoring of Aermec HVAC Equipment

At Aermec North America we are now providing remote monitoring on our air to water heat pumps, air to water simultaneous units, and our water to water simultaneous units. This new program has been put into effect due to the fact that some building owners are uncomfortable with allowing outside use of their building Wi-Fi. We work with a company to provide wireless Wi-Fi modems that work anywhere in North America.

The installation is quite simple, a small Aernet card is inserted into the control board and the wireless modem is then plugged in. The modem is configured before shipping so that the local mechanic does not have to change anything. Once the modem is turned on, the unit is monitored by the Aermec North America Technical Team. This is an efficient and forward thinking way to ensure that the unit(s) are receiving the correct water flow and water temperature.

In many cases, even though a system is set up properly by the local Representative we have problems when other parties take over such as the controls contractor or building mechanic as they may not know the system well and they change parameters which may produce disastrous results if left unchecked. With remote monitoring we instantly receive a text message to inform us that parameters have been changed and we are able to look at the system to see what has been changed. We are then able to contact our local partner who is able to let the owners know of the problem and authorize us to return the system to the proper setting before there are problems on site. The local partner also receives a text message when the system is having a problem. It is also possible for the building owner to receive a text if they desire.

The early warning messages are able to prevent major problems and unnecessary expenses. While we are providing the service for 3 months during commissioning at no charge, many of our partners are now using the system to continue monitoring their clients units for years to come. The system also allows for some changes to be made to the system remotely without having to send a mechanic to site which saves time and money.

On a final note, when used in conjunction with online conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet etc., we can now provide factory startup and training to local mechanics without having to travel to site. Also, we can read all the necessary parameters and provide training to the startup mechanic which again saves money and prevents a new mechanic or startup technician making a mistake.

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