Heat Recovery

With the cost of energy rising and the environmental concerns of using more energy than necessary I am wondering why we are not seeing more heat recovery. There are many many applications that are using simultaneous heating and cooling or hot and cold processed water and yet so many are designed using a boiler and a chiller. We should be looking at heat recovery chillers and polyvalent heat pumps. A heat recovery chiller will provide you with free heat whenever you have a cooling and heating load at the same time and provide you with the same amount of "free" heat as the cooling the unit is providing. In cases where different amounts of heating or cooling is desired a polyvalent heat pump will allow us to provide any amount of heating or any amount of cooling the same time and when both are required heat recovery is automatic. Let me simplify this a little, if I install a 100 ton polyvalent heat pump I am able to provide 100 tons of heating and 100 tons of cooling at the same time, of course one or the other is free. If I need 70 tons of cooling and 100 tons of heating I will receive the 170 tons of combined heating and cooling for the cost of 100 tons of heating. I am able to have 20 tons of heating and 50 tons of cooling or any combination. My TER (total energy ratio I think of it as COP) is as high as 8 and 9 in many applications. Imagine spend a dollar and receive 9 dollars of energy. In applications where we do need simultaneous these units can provide all the heating and all the cooling for 1/2 the operating costs of a boiler chiller. The future is here.

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