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ANKi: ANK Heat Pump with Invertor Scroll Compressor

The Aermec ANK Air to Water Heat Pump has become one of the most sought after heat pumps on the North American market. Due to the popularity of the innovative heat pump, we have decided to expand our efforts and release the ANKi which is the inverter version of the ANK.

With over 1000 Aermec units installed across North America, we have a long and successful history of air to water installations. Aermec is considered the undisputed residential air to water heat pump leader in Europe, where Aermec has been manufacturing for over 56 years.

The ANKi uses an inverter scroll compressor and has the option to be supplied with an inverter pump. The series is available in 4 sizes that range from 1.7 to 3.3 tons and the ANKi is able to supply up to 55,000 BTUs in heating mode. The inverter compressor and pump results in improved part load efficiency and overall energy savings for various applications.

ANKi air to water heat pumps are the perfect solution for carbon free highly energy efficient residential or light commercial applications. The leaving water temperature set point ranges from 17.6°F to 68°F in cooling and 86°F to 140°F in heating mode. This allows the ANKi to provide comfort cooling, dehumidification, as well as domestic hot water.

Even at temperatures as low as -4°F OAT (Outdoor Air Temperature), the Coefficient of Performance can be higher than 1.6, and throughout the heating season it can use up to 70% less electricity than traditional electric boilers.

All Aermec air to water heat pumps are equipped with a defrost logic called Intelligent Defrost which ensures that the unit goes into defrost only when it is needed and stays in defrost just long enough for the all of the ice on the coil to melt.

In Europe defrost is calculated in the heat pumps overall efficiency, whereas in North America it is not. This efficiency derate compels European manufacturers to have a more efficient defrost system. Rather than outside air temperature and time being the only factors for defrost starting, suction pressure on the condenser coil is also used to determine when ice has formed on the condenser coil. When the defrost cycle starts, it typically lasts 2 to 6 minutes and will go off based on the temperature of the refrigerant on the liquid line. In short, the defrost cycle comes on only when ice has formed and will only go off when all the ice has melted.

The ANKi is an ideal solution for:

  • Radiant heating and cooling replacement
  • Zoning of fan coils in larger homes
  • Passive House and Net Zero applications
  • Green solutions (no refrigerant inside the building)

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