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All Around Hydronic Solutions by Aermec North America

Aermec is a pioneer in North America when it comes to heat pumps. Since North America has been transitioning to electrification and clean energy, the popularity of heat pumps has been rising drastically. Aermec has many years of experience with heat pumps in Europe now offers a wide variety of heat pumps that cater to the specific requirements of the North American market.

Whether it is an air source heat pump or a water cooled heat pump, Aermec brings them all with high efficiency and many features to fit into various applications. The reversible heat pumps provide heating or cooling as the load demands and can also offer some heat recovery when running in cooling mode. So, whether you need heating or cooling for your building or need domestic hot water, Aermec heat pumps can do it all. They can produce very high temperature water and can be used to replace boilers in moderately cold climates.

These heat pumps also cover a wide range of capacity, starting from 2 ton to over 200 tons of nominal capacity. Whether it is a small load residential application with single phase or a commercial building with a large load, Aermec has the optimal solution. While majority of air source heat pumps are for outdoor installation, Aermec heat pumps can be customized for indoor installations if space outside is limited.

In general, there has always been a concern for defrost in air source heat pumps that imposes a penalty on the unit’s capacity and efficiency. While it is inevitable, it can be minimized with the Intelligent Defrost management that Aermec units have. It is built into the unit’s controller and allows the unit to go in to defrost mode only when it needs to and runs just long enough to get rid of ice on the condenser coils. All of these factors work together to maximize the unit’s efficiency.

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