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WWM: Water Cooled Modular Chiller



The first-of-its-kind Aermec WWM Water-Cooled Modular Chiller is the most flexible, efficient, modular, and cost-effective chiller on the market today. It’s incredibly compact and offers the most tonnage capacity per square foot compared to the competition.


  • Consists of independently circuited, 30-ton modules designed to be easily accessed from one side. The modules can be linked together side-by-side, back-to-back and stacked to reach very high installed capacities.
  • Industry-leading tonnage capacity/square foot, flexible modular design, compact size and optimized clearance requirements mean that units can be brought in without destroying existing infrastructure to replace large, conventional, aging chillers – all while maintaining the same level of cooling in the same footprint.
  • Each module can be operated and controlled as an individual chiller or be combined into a multi-module chiller.
  • Equipped with motorized hydronic valves and factory-mounted differential-flow switches for operation with variable-flow and constant-flow systems.
  • The base, structure and paneling are load-bearing, galvanized-steel elements treated with polyester anti-corrosion paints, allowing units to be stacked two levels.
  • As many as 32 units can be combined to make up a single chiller, minimizing space requirements.
  • Due to modular construction, installation can be adapted to suit specific system-development needs while guaranteeing improved safety and reliability. The cooling capacity can be easily increased over time at limited cost.
  • N+1 redundancy is achieved by simply adding one module, while not having to double the size of the chiller plant. This is possible since each chassis is interchangeable, every circuit is individually isolated and each compressor is individually circuited.
  • The modules are easy to install and link together hydraulically.
  • An optional power bar is available to facilitate single-point electrical connections.
  • Units are completely enclosed and sound-proofed, providing the quietest sound levels in the industry.
  • Each module has electrical panel and control logic, which continue operation upon failure of a module. The controller is easily operated via a unit-mounted LCD screen and multi-language menu. Each module manages/logs its own alarms.
  • Isolation valves on the chilled- and condenser-water lines can be isolated hydraulically and electrically without impacting adjacent chillers.
  • The MULTICHILLER control panel utilizes advanced optimization to stage all modules and ensure capacity is met and efficiency is maximized.
  • The chassis containing all refrigeration components can be disconnected from the piping assembly for maintenance/replacement without impacting adjacent-module operations.

To meet the unique needs of today’s demanding buildings, a chiller was needed that was modular, small in size, flexible in terms of installation, simple to service, energy efficient and compliant with strict energy codes. Hence the incredibly compact Aermec WWM was born, and it's the most flexible, efficient, modular and cost-effective chiller on the market today. Specific areas of innovation unique to the WWM include:

  • Small footprint: The WWM can be broken down into two sections, making its footprint nearly half the size of its competition, thus enabling it to fit through any-size doors and into elevators for easy installation in even the tightest spaces. Additionally, the WWM’s installed small size frees up valuable square footage for building owners.
  • Flexible modular design: Unlike other chiller options, the WWM has many flexible installation and layout options due to its modular design, including back-to-back, side-to-side, top-to-bottom or any of these combinations.
  • Easy, low-cost installation: Due to its small footprint and flexible, modular design, the WWM fits through spaces that other chillers can’t enter, thus making installation easy and affordable.
  • Simple maintenance: The WWM is straightforward to service in tight building interiors, and all the components that need to be serviced are located in a drawer that slides out for easy access, without interrupting operations.
  • Maximized energy efficiency: The WWM is the most energy-efficient chiller in its class, while having the lowest refrigerant charge and best tonnage capacity per square foot of any chiller on the market. The WWM is AHRI certified and exceeds all ASHRAE 90.1 energy code requirements for chiller energy efficiency.
  • Unparalleled, low-cost redundancy: Each chassis on the WWM is interchangeable and redundancy is achieved because every circuit is individually isolated and each compressor is individually circuited. This means that only a single individual module is needed to back up an entire multi-module system, thus reducing significantly reducing redundancy costs. This unparalleled redundancy makes the WWM suitable for the most critical cooling applications.
  • Quiet operation: Units are completely enclosed and sound proofed, which provides the quietest sound levels in the industry.


The Aermec WWM realizes significant value for building owners, engineers, contractors and the HVAC industry as a whole for several reasons:

  • Major energy savings: Since the WWM is the most energy-efficient chiller in its class, while having the lowest refrigerant charge and best tonnage capacity per square foot of any chiller on the market, it generates significant energy savings annually for the life of the system.
  • Open up valuable floor space: Due to the compact size and flexible modular design of the WWM, square footage in commercial and high-rise residential buildings can be opened up for other uses, thus creating substantial value for spaces that were previously occupied by a chiller.
  • Reduce installation costs: The WWM can fit through any-size door in a building or go into any elevator, which means that walls don’t have to be knocked down and the building’s existing infrastructure can be maintained. What’s more, because units can be placed back-to-back, side-to-side, top-to-bottom or in any of these combinations, the modules can be installed around existing spaces inside a building – instead of vice-versa. The combination of these factors means that installation costs can be reduced considerably.
  • Save on maintenance costs: Because everything that needs to be serviced on the WMM is placed in an easy-to-access drawer in the front that pulls out, maintenance is quick, simple and inexpensive. Further, since any connected units can continue running while one is being worked on and operations aren’t interrupted at all, the building can maintain normal operations during maintenance periods, thus ensuring happy clients and steady rents.
  • Decrease redundancy costs: Since only a single individual module is required to back up a whole multi-module system, an entire second chiller is no longer needed to ensure redundancy. This means that redundancy costs can be decreased substantially.
  • More bang for the buck: The tremendous flexibility of the WWM’s modules, the best tonnage capacity per square foot, the maximized energy efficiency, the low maintenance costs, the consistent reliability and the easy installation and upkeep enables the WWM to boost efficiencies and savings, thus providing exceptional value.

Market Impact

The WWM's innovative modular design, compact size, flexibility and efficient, cost-effective operations will change the way chillers are installed, maintained and replaced going forward. Specific reasons why the WWM will reinvent the chiller market include:

  • Maintain existing infrastructures: Walls no longer need to be knocked down and the building’s existing infrastructure can remain in place during chiller installation.
  • Fully utilize indoor spaces: Areas inside the building where chillers previously couldn’t fit can now be used.
  • Maximize square-footage value: Valuable square footage inside the building previously taken up by large chillers can now be used for other initiatives.
  • Reduce costs, save time: Chiller installation can now be simple and affordable. Maintenance costs and time can be reduced substantially, while redundancy can be achieved at a fraction of the price. Chiller energy use will be decreased substantially. This adds up to fewer costs and more time saved.
  • Ensure consistent, round-the-clock operation: Chillers can always remain in operation, even during maintenance, and the system will never have to shutdown.
  • Simply everything: Installation, maintenance, replacements and retrofits can now be quick and easy.

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