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WWB: Redefining a Heat Pump's Operating Range


Aermec, always committed to designing innovative and efficient solutions, is introducing the new WWB heating only water to water heat pump. The unit produces hot water up to a temperature of 176 °F!

WWB is designed with two independent refrigeration circuits. This provides redundancy and ensures continuity of operation, which is particularly important if the unit is the only source of heating at high temperatures.

Available in 8 sizes with capacity from 16.2 to 75.6 tons. WWB guarantees high energy efficiency also with partial loads. WWB's compact dimensions fits in reduced spaces.

System Synergy & Integration

WWM Integration

The WWB can be integrated in any new or existing system: with fan coils, with underfloor heating, with radiators, or for the production of domestic hot water. Further, the WWB's control seamlessly integrates with Aermec NRP or NXP heat pumps.

Dedicated Scroll Compressors

Scroll CompressorsWWB uses the latest generation of scroll compressors. Thanks to the design of the compression mechanism, vibrations are reduced to a minimum which further reduces noise and increases unit reliability.


Electrical Panel
Electrical PanelWWB has an optional sliding electrical panel which allows for easy inspection.
Extended Operating Limits
Operating LimitsExtremely high performance:

COP = 4.30 (hot water production 158/172.4 °F)
COP = 5.72 (hot water production 140/149 °F)

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