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Water Cooled Modular Solution

Among modular solutions in the industry there are many criteria that are required for modular HVAC projects. Many Engineers and industry professionals want to know, can the Aermec modular chiller meet the criteria mentioned below?

  1. Redundancy
  2. Small footprint
  3. Is it easy to isolate the hydronic module from refrigeration module for maintenance purpose?
  4. Is there variable flow for each module/unit?
  5. Can all main refrigerant components be easily accessed for maintenance purpose?
  6. Can modules be put next to each other, facing each other, on top of each other, so are they are truly modular and stackable?
  7. Is the modular approach good for retrofit job application?
  8. Can elevators be used to transport each module?
  9. Is there single point power connection?
  10. Do the units meet AHRI requirements?
  11. Are these units are UL certified?
  12. Can all the major components be easily replaced if needed?
  13. Can these units easily communicate with BMS through either Modbus/BACnet Card?
  14. Is the chiller is factory run tested to have secured performance of each unit?
  15. Can each module have its own electrical panel and control logic?

Aermec manufactures a revolutionary water cooled modular solution, the WWM to meets all the criteria mentioned above. Each module has 2 independent refrigerant circuits and with stackability and modularity. Aermec can put (32) modules together to provide 960 cooling tonnage and (64) refrigerant circuits to have enough redundancy for the entire project. Each unit has manual isolation valve at headers to perform the maintenance without impacting other chiller.

Each WWM module has factory installed motorized hydronic valves and differential pressure switch for operation with variable flow. Each module has swinging door consists of electrical panel, to have access to other refrigerant components from the front of the unit. The WWM can easily be applied to retrofit job.

Each module has busbars and K-cable accessories to have single point power connection for the entire system. Each module is AHRI and ETL certified. In the main module, Aermec uses SWEP braze plate heat exchanger, Copeland compressor, Carel control, SPORLAN Mechanical Thermostatic valve, Castel Refrigerant relief valve, and Victaulic connections to connect the headers. Each module is run tested for 4 hours before shipped out from the factory.

4.1 - stack in line back to back - WWM

4.2 - stack in line back to back - WWM

3-2 - stack in line - WWM-png 1 - in line WWM

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