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Warranty at a Glance for Aermec Units in North America

After sales support is always a significant factor to consider in the case of any purchase. Aermec North America always keeps the customer's best interest in mind when it comes to headache free after sales service. To ensure the finest after sales support, Aermec North America offers various warranty packages and also some add-on extended warranties, which can be purchased separately.

The type of warranty varies based on the unit type and application at site. There are 3 major categories:

  1. Warranty for residentially used ANK and ANKI units
  2. Warranty for commercially used Chillers and Heat Pumps
  3. Warranty for Multipurpose units (including Premium Package)

For residentially used ANK and ANKI units, the standard warranty is up to 12 months for the unit and 30 days for Compressors from the startup of the unit. If the startup report is submitted online within 15 days of the startup, then the Parts and Compressors would be covered under warranty free from manufacturing defects for up to 12 months. On top of these items, if the contractor submits the schematics, pre-startup forms, and other required information online at least 10 business days prior to the startup (at the installation stage), the unit may be qualified for 12 months of warranty for parts and 60 months of warranty for the Compressor.

For commercially used Aermec Chillers, Heat Pumps, and Multipurpose units, Standard warranty is applicable for all which ensures warranty of 12 months from the startup date or 15 months from the date of delivery (whichever comes first). Standard warranty is applicable only when the following conditions are met:

  • Aermec North America prescribed Flow Switch(es) and Strainer(s) is / are installed at proper location
  • Aermec North America prescribed Water Volume and Flow Rate (GPM) are ensured in the system
  • The unit is installed by an Aermec North America Certified Technician and / or under the supervision of the Aermec North America Technical Department
  • All the required forms are filled out and submitted online at the proper time
Premium Package is a new offering to our partners all over North America. Under this package all Aermec Multipurpose units and some specific models of Heat Pumps are eligible for 12 months of Labor Warranty if they maintain the following along with the above mentioned conditions:
  • Aermec North America prescribed flow measurement and control process
  • Remote monitoring of the unit via Aernet

Aermec North America has always prioritized the necessity, convenience, and ease of operations for the end users and the Aermec Representatives across Canada and the United States. Thus the above types of warranties have been introduced in the market. For more information on warranty please contact service@aermec.us.

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