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Vancouver’s City Hall is committed to upgrading city run facilities and chose Aermec as the winning energy efficient solution. The overall goal is to, "reduce carbon emissions by 33 percent below 2007 levels by 2020" (City of Vancouver, 2018). In order to get the initiative underway the City installed an Aermec NRP air source heat recovery unit. It has been determined that, "by the end of 2019, the heat pump is expected to have reduced greenhouse gases by 34 percent annually and is projected to save $20,000 each year through energy cost savings" (City of Vancouver, 2018). Overall, the city is committed to installing more energy efficient solutions. Learn more about Vancouver's zero emissions goals in the City Hall Case Study.

This initiative has gained traction in other sectors. It is clear that, "the private-sector is also showing leadership in this area, with more investment in greening operations and upgrading existing equipment ... these businesses are investing in extensive upgrades to improve building performance, save on annual energy costs, and help reduce GHG emissions" (City of Vancouver, 2018). Read more about the City of Vancouver's initiative here.  





City of Vancouver. (2018). City Hall's New Heat Pump is More Energy Efficient, Reduces GHGs, and Saves Taxpayer Money in the Process. Retrieved from 

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