Think Outside of the Box

Sometimes we need to think outside of the building. On this job, there was just no where to put a chiller. We provided a space saving solution with an NLC0330°°°E°J800 providing 21 tons of cooling. The NLC is also available as a heat pump. A stunning shed was built on the patio of a Quebec City building and the NLC was installed inside as it is a ducted unit.

The louvers on the front of the shed provide condenser airflow and the louvers on the side exhaust the air. The inverter plug fans are adjustable from 0.2 inches of static to 1.75 inches of static so these units may be ducted a long way. Access is all from the panels shown here so maintenance is an easy task.
IMG-2221 (1) NLC Layout

Interestingly enough this is a chiller application that rejects the heat outside and cools the building. When it gets cold outside by directing some of the hot exhaust air into the condenser air flow you would have a very high seer winter air conditioner. By mixing the air you could keep the air entering the condenser above 14°F allowing the chiller to operate all year. With 15°F entering air the chiller would be very efficient.

This unit is available with internal buffer tank and pumps as well Available as a chiller with desuperheater or 100% heat recovery. Also available as a heat pump with desuperheater.

IMG-2308 IMG-2343




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