The Portland Building

Six Aermec NRP units are getting ready for installation in The Portland Building in Portland, Oregon. The building was, “designed by Michael Graves and built in 1982 as administrative offices for the City of Portland. The Portland Building is an award-winning example of Post Modern architecture” (City of Portland, 2019). The project includes the following, “repair/replacement of the building exterior ... seismic upgrades, improved accessibility for all occupants and visitors, workspace and safety improvements, LEED Gold building certification, and historic preservation” (City of Portland, 2019).

The six Aermec NRP 1800 units provide 720 tons of cooling and heating extremely efficiently. Anytime there are simultaneous cooling and heating loads the units generate energy savings by means of heat recovery.

The use of multiple units provides a great degree of redundancy and multiple steps of capacity for a close control of the leaving water temperatures. The Aermec Multichiller will control the six units, guaranteeing proper staging and also maximizing energy savings.



City of Portland. (2019). The Portland Building. Retrieved from

Portland Building 1 Portland Building 2

Portland Building 3

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