The NRB Series

The NRB is available as a chiller, heat pump, integrated free cooling chiller, with heat recovery options.


The NRB is a one stop shop for engineers and contractors. One range which will provide for all their air cooled needs including chiller, heat pump, free cooling, and heat recovery.

Heat recovery is used wherever cooling and heating in a cooling-dominant setting are required. Free hot-water extracted from a chiller for a wide array of applications such as pre-heat, re-heat, DHW. This is a market that is growing rapidly and will continue to grow as utility costs become higher. 

Free-cooling can be used in various process applications, server rooms, or any building that requires cooling year round. The chiller will not use any compressors when the ambient is 18F below the return water temperature and will operate in hybrid free cooling mode any time the ambient is 4℉ below the return water temperature. The energy savings are as high as 30%.

Heat pump is used for space heating in many areas and are seen as an environmentally friendly option. The heat pump can provide a buildings cooling, heating and domestic hot water. The energy savings can be as high as 50% depending on local utility costs and dramatically lowers the dependence on fossil fuels. 


The NRB may be the only chiller line available which offers from 50 through 240 tons as a chiller, heat pump, integrated free cooling chiller, desuperheater, heat recovery all in one model or range. The unit is AHRI certified and meets the AHRI standard even with the integrated free cooling version. The NRB is one of the quietest chillers / heat pumps on the market as all compressors are isolated and located inside an insulated compartment as a standard feature allowing for sound ratings as low as 71 dB,  a Night mode is also available which will lower the fan speeds automatically as the temperature drops if desired while maintaining the set point. The NRB is available with no hydronic kit if desired but it is also available with internal buffer tank, pumps (high or low pressure) redundant pumps, expansion tanks and more. The NRB when designed with the hydronic kit is truly a plug and play machine. The units are available with high static fans (up to 1.4” wc) which allow them to be placed indoors or in a parking garage if necessary and be ducted to the outside. 


The NRB has features that most manufacturers do not offer. It is available with integrated variable speed pumps or single speed pumps as well as redundant pumps both high and low pressure. The NRB units are also available with integrated buffer tanks to help ensure proper water volume in the system as well as lower the mechanical room space required and lower the installation costs. The NRB chiller uses micro channel coils as well as 7 mm tubing to lower the amount of refrigerant required in the unit. Available in 13 sizes with 208, 230, 460 and 575 voltage to meet any buildings needs. Multiple circuits and compressors provide for built in redundancy and steps of capacity. The NRB works with BMS (BACNET, LON, MODBUS) and multiple units may be controlled by the Multi Chiller control which allows the modules to operate as one large chiller or heat pump.

Market Impact

The NRB will show engineers that there is a HVAC line available that meets all their clients needs and desires without having to search through 35 different manufacturers manuals. Contractors will be able to familiarize themselves more quickly with the NRB as they will treat it as a chiller with options that are very understandable rather than needing to be trained on many different models of the same manufacturer. Commissioning of units will be much easier as the controls and interfaces are all the same and become familiar very quickly. Sales reps will have one-model-fits-all capability with the NRB and thus will be able to more fully understand the advantages and benefits. Many of the parts are interchangeable between models and options allowing service technicians to be able to maintain the units while inventorying less parts. This will drive other manufacturers to take a good look at the idea of encompassing the total solution in one adjustable box in order to make things easier for engineers, contractors, service technicians and end users.




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