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The High Efficiency Heat Pump

The WWB is a high efficiency heat pump water heater up to 176°F!


The WWB is used to provide high temperature hot water at a very efficient cost. Buildings which have low temperature condenser water, heating water, domestic water can use the WWB to boost the temperature dramatically at lower costs than traditional methods. The main application will be domestic hot water as more and more municipalities require hotter water than condensing boilers or most heat pumps are able to provide. Secondary applications include using any available low temperature waste water as a source in order to heat a building or a process application. The WWB can be used in any building that wants to move to greater efficiencies and move away from fossil fuels. As we continue to move more and more to renewable energies, the WWB is a great heat pump option which can boost hot water into a building up to 176°F while lowering the carbon footprint and provides a less expensive hot water solution.


The WWB will take source water between 59°F to 122°F and heat it efficiently to between 131°F and 176°F with a very high COP. The lift of the WWB is very unique compared to other products and yet it maintains a very efficient operation which allows building owners to provide the necessary temperature to meet code while saving dollars on operating costs. The WWB is available in many different sizes which allows it to fit in the sweet spot of many different applications. The 8 sizes range from 250,000 btu/h to 1,000,000 btu/h are indeed a wide range that engineers will be able to fit into any sized project.The WWB has also been designed to work with external heat pumps as its source and make sure it is in sync with them perfectly when the external heat pump is in defrost mode so the building does not see cold water. The WWB when paired with a simultaneous heat pump will provide a building with heating water, cooling water and domestic high temperature water without requiring a back-up boiler in areas that do not go below -4F during winter, making it very environmentally friendly as it does not need any fossil fuels. The source is electricity which may be generated by solar, hydroelectric, wind power, etc. 


The WWB’s value lies in its efficiency which provides great cost savings as well as the ability to provide much hotter water than most other high efficiency equipment. The WWB is possibly the greenest source of heating, cooling and domestic hot water when paired with a simultaneous heating and cooling unit of which more and more manufacturers are making available today. In many cases being carbon friendly becomes an expensive option but the WWB will actually save the building owners money as well as lower their carbon footprint.

Market Impact

The WWB is cutting edge in that it provides efficient high temperature water in many different sizes which allows it to fit in the sweet spot of many different applications. With the WWB there is no longer a need for fossil fuels to heat water for building heating or domestic hot water. This unit will definitely help building owners lower their carbon footprint while also lowering their operating cost. This WWB will help push the market to become fossil free, carbon friendly, provide higher efficiencies while lowering costs.




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