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The First NRB Installed in North America

Check out the first New NRB Free Cooling Chillers to arrive in North America. A total of 400 tons is installed in phase one of this operation. The NEW NRB replaces the Aermec NRL providing higher efficiency and greater energy savings.

This owner can expect to save close to 30% of their electrical costs by using the NRB Free Cooling Chillers. With integrated condenser head pressure control, this allows inverter fans to operate at high speed even on the coldest days. Aermec maximizes the free cooling energy savings which provides higher savings than the competitors.

The built-in Aermec high efficiency desuperheaters offer even higher efficiencies by providing free heat when the compressors are in operation. Imagine free cooling and free heating all from one unit, what a concept!


NRB FC Chiller Quebec

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Aermec is distributed by Master Distributor Mits Airconditioning Inc. in North America