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  • Product Feature: WWM (31 Tons)

Product Feature: WWM (31 Tons)

  • Reversible chillers water side
  • Water to water for indoor installation
  • Scroll compressors and plate exchangers
  • Cooling capacity: 31.22 tons
  • Heating capacity: 418,000 BTU/h

WWM consists of independent 31.2 ton modules that can be linked together to reach a capacity of 1123.2 tons. Each individual module is an independent indoor chiller for producing cooled water with high efficiency scroll compressors and plate type heat exchangers. With the WWM, you can combine up to 36 units designed to minimize the overall dimensions. Thanks to its modular construction, the installation can be adapted to suit specific system development needs whilst guaranteeing improved safety and reliability. As a result, the cooling capacity can be easily increased over time, at a limited cost.

he modules are easy to install and link together from the hydronic point of view, thanks to the connections with grooved joints. Bus bars facilitate the electrical connections.  The WWM refrigerant circuit can easily be isolated and removed from the module while allowing the hydronic piping maintain in use. This allows a unit to be removed and replaced while the system remains in operation. Maximum redundancy. The precise choice of components, the special configuration, and the possibility to connect several independent modules and manage them as if they were a single unit are all aspects that guarantee maximum output at full load, whilst ensuring continuous adaptation to service requirements. 


  • Compact module
  • Reliable and modular
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Up to 36 connectable units*
  • Max 2 levels of stackable units

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