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  • Product Feature: WRL (15-27 Tons)

Product Feature: WRL (15-27 Tons)

  • Reversible chillers water side
  • Water to water for indoor installation
  • Scroll compressors and plate exchangers
  • Cooling capacity: 15.3 to 26.9 tons
  • Heating capacity: 198,652 to 344,456 BTU/h


WRL is a water-condensed chiller that works with R410A refrigerant. It’s an indoor, single-circuit unit that’s ideal for geothermal applications. Fitted with hermetic scroll compressors, heat exchangers (system side) and a plate source, it fully meets the needs of the residential market: reduced size, easy installation, low noise levels.

Free hot water can also be produced in units with a desuperheater. An integrated hydronic kit can be fitted (both system side and source side), containing the main hydraulic components. Available in various configurations with low or high head pumps, inverter pumps, and a modulating valve to reduce consumption. These units are reversible on the water side, so they can work in heat pump mode (keeping the same heat exchangers as evaporator and condenser).


  • WRL_° without heat recovery
  • WRL_D with desuperheater


  • High efficiency
  • Production of hot water up to 131°F
  • Suitable for geothermal applications

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