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  • Product Feature: NRB FC (57-233 Tons)

Product Feature: NRB FC (57-233 Tons)

  • Air to water chillers for outdoor installation with free cooling
  • Scroll compressors, plate heat exchanger, and axial fans
  • Cooling capacity: 56.9 - 233.3 tons


NRB Free Cooling models are chillers designed and built to meet air-conditioning requirements in residential and commercial applications, or cooling requirements in industrial complexes. They are outdoor units with scroll compressors, axial fans, external copper coils with aluminum fins, and a plate heat exchanger. They are also fitted with a free cooling coil and are used when the cooling request continues into the winter months, or in any case when the outdoor air temperature is lower than the temperature of the return liquid from the system.

In Free Cooling mode (Free Cooling Plus compressors, or just Free Cooling), the fluid is cooled directly by the external air to the point that the compressors can be completely deactivated, thereby ensuring notable electricity savings. A glycol-free version is available for all those applications where the use of glycol is not permitted.


  • NRB_FA High efficiency
  • NRB_FE High efficiency with quiet operation
  • NRB_FU Super high efficiency
  • NRB_FN Super high efficiency with quiet operation


  • 118.4°F in summer and hot water production up to 131°F
  • Outdoor installation
  • Night mode

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