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  • Product Feature: NLC (15-87 Tons)

Product Feature: NLC (15-87 Tons)

  • Chiller
  • Air to water for indoor installation
  • Scroll compressors, plate exchangers, and plug fans
  • Cooling capacity: 14.5 to 87.2 tons


NLC is a single or dual refrigerant circuit chiller or heat pump charged with R410A. It has directly coupled plug fans with an EC inverter motor to ensure the quietest possible machine operation, scroll compressors with a high yield and low electricity absorption, a plate heat exchanger, and a finned coil. The machine cools water to supply the distribution system that is usually connected to fan coil type terminals.

In addition, NLC can also produce hot water if it is fitted with a desuperheater or total recovery system, so it’s ideal for residential and commercial applications. It can be equipped with a hydronic kit including an expansion tank, safety valve (water side), and drain valve. The NLCH is a heat pump providing chilled water or hot water for buildings.


  • NLC° Chiller Cooling only
  • NLC A High efficiency
  • NLCH Heat Pump


  • High efficiency also at partial loads
  • Cooling circuit with casing
  • Complete air flow versatility
  • High efficiency plug fans
  • Indoor units
  • Night mode

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