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  • Product Feature: ANL (6.5-8 Tons)

Product Feature: ANL (6.5-8 Tons)

  • Reversible air to water heat pump
  • Air to water for indoor installation
  • Scroll compressors, plate exchangers, axial fan
  • Cooling capacity: 6.6 to 8.2 tons
  • Heating capacity: 94,755 to 111,850 BTU/h


Reversible heat pump for external installation for the production of chilled / hot water.  High performance and low electric absorption scroll compressors, axial fans, external copper coils with aluminum fins, and system-side plate heat exchanger. Available with a desuperheater which operates in cooling mode only providing free hot water.


  • ANL_H° Without pump
  • ANL_HP With standard pump
  • ANL_HA With buffer tank and standard pump
  • Without hydronic kit system side
  • High efficiency scroll compressors with low power input
  • High efficiency heat exchangers
  • Axial flow fan units for extremely quiet operation
  • Water filter
  • Possibility of integrated hydronic kit which includes the main hydraulic components
  • Electronic controller (Moducontrol)

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