New: VMF System Management

We are excited to announce that Aermec has recently released their VMF line of controls to North America. Aermec completely designed and manufactured the control system and it has proven to be extremely popular in Europe. It can be used for about every conceivable type of building!

The VMF system is a management and control system for hydronic systems providing air conditioning, heating, and the production of domestic hot water.‎ VMF allows various elements of a system to interact with each other including: heat pumps, fan coils, and an integrated system (solar, boiler, etc.).

Further, the VMF system allows complete control of every component of a hydronic system both locally and centrally. Communicating between the various components of the system, it manages the performance without ever neglecting the end user's request of comfort. The system does all of this efficiently as well as produces energy savings.‎

From a single fan coil to the control of an entire network of fan coils, heat pumps, domestic hot water production, pumps, boilers, and heat recovery units, VMF can do it all. The VMF system is very flexible allowing multiple levels of controls and integration into popular BMS systems as well as remote monitoring.

The VMF hydronic system creates maximum comfort and energy savings thanks to the continuous variation of:

  • The water temperature within the chiller/inverter heat pump
  • The water flow rate (controlling the inverter hydraulic pumps)
  • The air flow rate from the fan coil 

Software design tools are available or we can design for you as well as provide software and VMF training via webinar or in house. 

No special controls contractors are required, let Aermec provide not only the most efficient heating and cooling products on your next project but also provide a simple solution to controls!

VMF System Management

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