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Kilma Belt: Innovative Radiant Cooling

Kilma Belt is a revolutionary new system that provides radiant cooling and heating without the need for special humidity controls.

During cooling season chilled water is pumped through special aluminum radiant panels, which in turn cools the air flowing around the panels and radiates the cooling to entire space. There are no fans required as the air movement is natural and flows over the aluminum panels based on temperature difference. There are numerous benefits including:

  • Better comfort
  • No noise
  • No ventilation system
  • Requires no dehumidification
  • May also be used for radiant heating in many climates

What makes the Kilma Belt air conditioning system unique is the absence of dehumidification systems (unique in the world), recyclable materials, and the system stands out for being 30% more efficient than traditional air systems. The Kilma Belt system has a condensate collection system which removes humidity from the space during cooling. This eliminates the need for a dehumidifier and allows chilled water of any temperature to be used as the cooling medium. Colder water may be used when the system is started in order to dehumidify quickly and properly while lowering the temperature of the space, and higher temperature water may be used as the space reaches set point lowering energy consumption. The Kilma Belt system may be installed below the ceiling or above the ceiling based on the architect’s needs.

Users will find the air conditioning system unique, especially for the highest comfort, absence of noise and ventilation, and constant humidity between 45% and 60%. All of these factors work together to give a feeling of wellbeing at the highest level. Users will find lower energy costs and a space that is much more comfortable than traditional HVAC systems provide, as there are no drafts, no noise, and uniform temperature in every part of the space.

Market Impact
The absence of dehumidification devices combined with high performance will make the system very effective in the air conditioning market by limiting installation and management costs. The initial cost being lower than traditional radiant cooling, the absence of drafts and noise, along with the ultimate comfort makes Kilma Belt a leading product on the market.

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