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All Around Hydronic Solution

When it comes to building heating and cooling loads, Aermec offers a range of products to suit various project requirements. Everything from providing hot/chilled water in the building or conditioning a room or even supporting a process load is all possible. With Aermec's chiller/heat pumps accompanied by air handling units, available in a wide range and associated control systems, we can provide a comprehensive solution to a variety of projects.

Aermec chillers range from as small as 2 ton units and can go as high as 600 tons with numerous sizes available in-between. The various options available provide optimized design. In addition to providing regular chilled water for comfort cooling purposes at high efficiency, Aermec is capable of producing chilled water cold enough to even make ice. Cooling of process equipment, ice rink, thermal storages are just a few examples of where Aermec chillers are being used with high level of performance.

When you require chilled water all year round, free cooling is a viable solution which can save significant energy consumption. We can provide integrated free cooling without increasing the footprint as well as avoiding any complexities in terms of control.

Desuperheater and total heat recovery options add to the versatility of these chillers. The integrated option of partial/total recovery of the heat, that is usually rejected outside, takes the units one step further on the journey towards being green. Aermec chillers are not only versatile in application, they also offer a great deal of flexibility in operation. Some of them are indoor units while the rest are rated for outdoor operation. While most of the chillers are a packaged unit, we have the option to go with modular approach which can prove to be very effective in retrofit projects or where redundancy is a key factor in design.

With all the various options to choose from, we have a solution for all types of projects. Explore our website here for the innovative and efficient solutions that we offer!

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