All About Heat Pumps

What are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are compressor bearing machines that provide chilled or hot water for use in many applications.

A water source heat pump may operate as a chiller for cooling or a heat pump for heating. In cooling mode it will send its rejected heat to the geo field or cooling tower etc., while providing cold water to the load or building.  When it is switched to heating it will move a reversing valve and the pipes that were sending cooling to the building will now send hot water to the building and the pipes that were sending hot water to the cooling tower or geo field will send cold water to the geo field or boiler.

Air to Water Heat Pumps
Air to water heat pumps use the outdoor ambient air to reject building or process heat allowing them to provide cooling when in cooling mode. In heating mode they use the ambient air to pick up energy use the refrigeration circuit enabling them to add heat to the building or process load with a COP of between 1 and 4.

Water to Water Heat Pumps
Heat pumps use a cooling tower, geo loop, dry cooler etc., to reject the heat from the load to allow them to provide cooling. They may use a boiler, building loop or geo source to provide the energy which they then run through the refrigeration cycle and provide warmer water with a COP of 1-4 depending on the conditions.


What are Heat Pumps Used For?

Comfort heating and cooling in apartments, churches, schools, condominiums etc., or domestic hot water.

Process heating for breweries, wineries, food manufacturing, etc.


What is Water Side Inversion?

A water side inversion is just a chiller that sends its rejected heat to a usable heat source rather than a geo loop or cooling tower. This type of unit requires external valves and controls to switch the rejected heat from the source to a usable heat source.

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