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All About Free Cooling Chiller System Design

Importance of Water Flow

We must have proper water flow in order to keep the Delta T between the minimum and maximum allowed by the Aermec factory.

We use Magellano to provide selections, if you do not have Magellano please email help@aermec.us and we will run the selections for you.


High vs. Low Water Flow

If we have very low water flow the Delta T becomes much too large and compressors start cycling on and off rapidly causing failure.

If the water flow is too high the Delta T becomes too small causing compressor cycling and failure.

The engineers design parameters affects the system water flow calculation overall.


Importance of Water Volume

Proper water volume is needed in order to guarantee proper operating time of compressors, if the volume is too small the compressors will cycle rapidly causing failure. Rapid compressor cycling is a symptom of low water volume. In order to find out the correct water volume we have a System Water Volume Guide on our website.


Things to Consider When Designing a System

The following must be considered when designing a system:

  • Pipe sizing
  • Water volume
  • Water flow
  • Type of pumps
  • Amount of glycol
  • Differences in load sizing at different times of the year

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