All About Chillers

What are Chillers?

Chillers are compressor bearing machines that provide chilled water for use in many applications.

Air to Water Chiller
Air to water units use the outdoor ambient air to reject their heat allowing them to provide chilled water to the load.

Water to Water Chiller
Water to water chillers use a cooling tower, geo loop, dry cooler, etc. to reject the heat to allow them to provide cooling to the load.


What are Chillers Used For?

Comfort cooling in apartments, churches, schools, condominiums etc.

Process cooling for data centers, breweries, wineries, food manufacturing etc.


Sizes & Voltages Available

Aermec chillers are available from 2 ½ tons through 240 tons for specific models please see chart hereAermec units are available with multiple voltages please see chart here

Aermec provides many different versions and have options to provide the quietest units available in the world.


Building Management

Bacnet, Lonworks, Modbus are all available and no need to worry about proprietary software. 

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