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Aernet: Remote Monitoring Solution for Aermec

Since recent days are very different due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travelling is either limited or restricted in many areas in North America, it is time to discuss the remote monitoring solution for Aermec units. Aernet is the key to remote monitoring and control of Aermec units. The system setup is very convenient and an economically feasible solution.

As a bonus, Aermec North America is offering Labor warranty for specific units if pre-requisite conditions are met and using Aernet at site is one of those conditions. Using Aernet with Aermec units does not offer only remote monitoring, but also can qualify a unit to avail labor warranty for a certain period of time, if all other conditions are met.

The Aernet router is a RS485 type, which needs to be connected to the Control Panel of the Aermec unit and needs to powered up from the unit with a 12VDC power supply, which is provided with the Aernet. The Aernet device collects data about the unit from the Control Panel and sends to the Aermec cloud, which we can read remotely by accessing the cloud. Also in some cases, the unit’s operation may be controlled to a certain extent. We also can get alarm information from the Aernet and can respond to it accordingly. This gets our Technical Team prepared before visiting the site and can reduce site visits for data collection purposes in many cases.

Aernet is an economically feasible solution which gives us information about the unit with a very simplified user interface for basic operations. We can read the unit’s operating condition and values for several crucial parameters such as:

  • Status and Operating Mode of the unit
  • Water Inlet and Outlet Temperature
  • Suction and Delivery Pressure
  • Set-points and Ambient Temperature
  • Many others depending on the unit and components / accessories used in the system
Aernet has the capability to notify user in case of any alarm on the unit via email, if pre-setup. This is also a very helpful feature of Aernet if there are any unwanted changes in state. With all the features Aernet can offer, it can be a very helpful service tool for Aermec units if we use those properly with the units. It can ease the process of supervision and trouble-shooting, if needed, and reduce the number of physical site visits not only during this critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also any usual time throughout the year.

If you would like more information on the features and operations of Aernet please contact service@aermec.us.

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