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Aermec + EcoFoot: Rooftop Support Systems

We now offer EcoFoot rooftop support systems specifically designed for Aermec products! The frames securely support all types of equipment on membrane roofs without the need for cutting holes, pouring concrete bases, or making any modifications to the roofing membrane. This method is not only less labour intensive, it is a more versatile solution for onsite modifications and adjustments.

EcoFoot metal and bases are bigger than the industry standard which allows them to create a stronger framer with better roof protection and stability. Further the products are manufactured from recycled materials, with cleaner production methods, less waste, and fewer chemicals. It is a win win solution for your next project and for the environment.

The design of the saddle-style expansion joint allows for easy modification for larger equipment, or future expansions. The non-penetrative design spreads out the weight load which keeps the roofing membrane safe and decking / insulation below free of damage. Each leg is height adjustable to account for uneven roof surface, ensuring that the equipment site level on the surface for optimum operation. Access the guide here to see the corresponding EcoFoot frame to the Aermec unit models below:

  • ANK heat pumps
  • ANL chillers
  • NRB chillers
  • NRB free cooling chillers
  • NRB heat pumps
  • NRK heat pumps
  • NRL chillers
  • NRP chillers
  • NYB chillers

Aermec + EcoFoot Rooftop Support Systems

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